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Care Instructions

Frottier is a completely unproblematic and easy-care fabric. Trust our experience and follow the care and washing instructions so that you can enjoy our products for many years: Wash our beach towels at 60 °C/140°F with a mild detergent without optical brighteners. To avoid linting, always follow the recommended load for your washing drum. If the load exceeds or falls below this, the fabric will be subject to increased friction. Do not leave damp towelling on top of each other for a long time and also avoid drying on the heater - the fluffy material can become brittle. To prevent loops from being pulled out further, always cut the pulling threads short whenever possible. If you use fabric softener, we recommend using it very sparingly, otherwise the absorbency of the towel will be negatively affected and there may be increased lint formation. The softness and fluffiness of the towel is best guaranteed when dried in a tumble dryer.